EMF - Electromagnetic Fields

  • Do you suspect that your home or office has high EMF levels?
  • Have you started to eliminate EMF-emitting sources from your environment but have that nagging doubt that   there is still something you’ve missed?
  • Are you getting ready to purchase a home and notice that it is close to power transmission lines and wonder if that may be a problem because you have young kids?
  • Are you overwhelmed by all of the general information about EMF? Should you do this or that?
  • Have you purchased an EMF meter and find yourself a little surprised to see the numbers jumping around and you realize you have no idea what they mean?
  • Have you purchased an EMF protection device and keep wondering whether it is actually protecting you?
  • Have you already done the detective work yourself and need some help based on your findings?

Feeling overwhelmed? Unsure about next steps? Just have a quick question?

EMF Detection-Protection-Advice

Our mission is to provide you with the answers and guidance you’re seeking.

We work with you directly:

  1. To remove any doubt and let you know your current levels of EMF exposure.  We test your home or office (on-site in Northwestern Washington state). This testing is performed by a Certified EMF Consultant. Do you have your own EMF meters? Prefer to do the testing yourself? We can provide remote assistance to help interpret the meter readings and provide actionable next steps based on the measurements.

  2. To help you sort through what may be confusing so you can gain clarity. This helps you to make informed decisions and take the best course of action. We provide science-based solutions and advice to address your specific EMF situation. We answer your questions.

  3. To reduce your exposure levels. We tailor practical protection recommendations and solutions specific to the types of EMF in your environment.

We can help put the puzzle pieces together for you.