About Kay Siefken and EMF Advisors LLC

My name is Kay Siefken. I studied electronics in Canada (DeVry graduate) and spent decades in high tech working for Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Northern Telecom (Nortel) and several other companies implementing technology across various industries and countries.

As I became aware of the growing body of evidence of adverse health effects from man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF), I was motivated to learn more and went back to school.

I completed a comprehensive EMF Consultant certification course that teaches the practical science of EMF, world-wide medical research about bio-effects and health impacts, worldwide EMF standards, science-based detection and protection methods, and so much more.

Technology is embedded in our lives and will only continue to grow. The “the internet of things (IoT)” keeps adding millions of new devices and the emerging next generation communications technologies such as “5G” will add significantly to the electrosmog that surrounds us.

Along with that growth there is a corresponding increase in the number of people whose health is being adversely impacted by EMF.

How can we protect our health from electromagnetic radiation exposure while we continue to enjoy the benefits of technology?

This question is so critical that I decided to shift my work focus to help people who are asking the same question.

I founded EMF Advisors LLC (emf-advisors.com) with the goal to help safeguard your health from man-made electromagnetic radiation. EMF Advisors LLC provides science-based EMF detection and protection know-how and services to enable you and your family to achieve personal safety from man-made EMF.

I'm grateful to have found a way to use my technology background combined with my love of learning and interest in health-related research and EMF to help others.